A visit to The Magnolia Market

The only thing to do between Dallas and Austin is the Magnolia Market in Waco Texas. If you are a fan of HGTV's television show, Fixer Upper, this is definitely a stop you want to make.



I made a last minute stop on my way back to Austin and had the chance to see the entire market and silos within the last hour they were about to close. That was dumb luck, do not expect to be that lucky, plan ahead! This is a major tourist attraction for everyone, not only for those that are HGTV fans - I mean everyone. I recommend not going during peak seasons and days. Do your research, go to their website and look to see if there are any events going on the day you want to go. People TRAVEL to these events because it is highly likely that Joanna will be there. The peak seasons are summer and spring (tourist season), but it's Texas so fall and winter is technically summer. The weekends WILL be packed, go during the week, you will be comfortable and able to think out loud how you want to redo your entire house. 


It's everything that I imagined it would be, but better. I don't think photos or videos can do this place any justice. With that being said, just go. 

Tip: come with spending money, you will like everything you will see. 

Inside the Silos

Inside the Silos

There is now a restaurant associated with the Silos and Magnolia Market, it is called the Mangolia Table. It recently opened and it is the newest addition to the Mangolia Community. I will follow up with the a blog post with my experience there, fingers crossed.

If you would like to do a little more research, make sure you check out their instagram, @magnolia