How to Eataly in Chicago

How to Eataly in Chicago

I have been to Eataly Chicago before.. when a tinder date decided to take me to Eataly and pick up Italian wine before heading to his condo. This guy knew what he was doing - I was in wine and decor heaven. It is the best place for food and drink, products are much like Whole Foods, only ten times better and pricer. This took place back in the Tinder era, but I recently decided to go again with my best friend, and I could not leave. 

This location has two floors: Bottom floor displays kitchen products, appliances, and has a Nutella cafe. Top floor has the food market, bookstore, and kitchen. I would recommend having at least two hours of spare time to look over the entire market. It is not big as IKEA but it has amazing things that are only carried in Italy. Everything sold in Eataly is a product from Italy, so yes, everything is labeled in Italian. 


I am obsessed with cheese, but when I was in the dairy section of Eataly, there was a foul smell. That was the only downside about my experience at Eataly. I recommend admiring the dairy section from afar.

My favorite section was the bakery and the kitchen display downstairs. I felt like I needed to have the cutlery for my apartment that I never eat in. There was all these things that I wanted to buy that I did not need or use, I had to get out of Eataly - FAST. 

I noticed that many customers were not shopping for food, most were eating in for lunch. I never thought that people would like to come in a market for lunch, but there were plenty of dining areas around the store. I thought it was pretty cool to eat around the bakery, but around the bloody steaks? Not so much. 

This place is enjoyable for the regular Whole Foods shopper and IKEA catalog holder. I think Eataly is for the person that loves decorating a space and enjoys trying new things that are not common in their community. 


The best marketing slogan I have ever seen was at Eataly: 'Bring Home An Italian, Show You Know Better.' I was falling in love with everything about this store, I am so glad there isn't one near me because that would be dangerous. I plan on visiting other locations, hoping that each one is different. I find most of their layouts inspirational as I probably will use some items to complete my future home. Well, until next time Eataly!