Teen Vogue Meetup Summit in Austin



I was so excited to attend this particular event because it was my bible as a pre-teen. I remember like it was yesterday that I was begging my parents to allow me to subscribe to the $12 twelve month subscription to Teen Vogue. They regretted it later when I became educated about the fashion world, I became the encyclopedia of fashion brands and was extremely picky when my mom bought me clothes without my consultation. Blame it on Teen Vogue. 

There was a sponsored post on social media about this event that was happening in my neighborhood and I HAD to attend. Since I was a part of a social media group I got a hefty discount so it was already a great buy. There was a schedule of events that was going to take place at the event, which included a speaker panel of great entrepreneurial women in tech and fashion. Upon arriving the event space, there was security guards and greeters around the property, it was too extra for Texas for sure.  

Entering the doors to the Teen Vogue Summit was just like boho wonderland. The apps were delightful, there was non-alcoholic beverages because it's teen vogue, but they were still amazing. A lot of people were already mingling and networking, even though I was one of the first people there I felt like I had to stop eating and start introducing myself. 

I have included photos along to this post so that you can see how amazing everything flowed together. The speakers part of the panel were inspiring and allowed the attendees to ask as many questions as they wanted. All the attendees got a professional photo taken and went home with goodies provided by TOMS and Teen Vogue. If you want to network, get inspired by bad ass women, definitely attend this summit event. 




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